All this happened, more or less

I went to school, 2010 – 2015

I came to the University of Washington knowing I wanted to be an engineer. This was cemented as I joined the Mechanical Engineering department and eventually the Mechatronics option. I’ve diversified my courses, taking classes from tango to architecture to trying my hand at teaching a course. I graduated in June 2015 with a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering – Mechatronics.

I worked during summers, 2009-2014

While in school I worked several internships over the summers. My high school junior, senior and college freshman year summer I worked for WBx, a datacenter in downtown Seattle, as a Network Technician working on the front and back lines for the IT department. The following summer I was an intern for McKinstry, taking the lead on a small scale project on 5th and Bell’s HVAC update. While doing this I was able to build digital automation tools to expedite their work which were added to the company-wide engineering toolbox. The following summer I interned at Electroimpact — primarily doing shipping and some design work. This internship would serve as a springboard into my job coming out of college

The Next Episode, 2015-20XX

Now I’m all finished with college and moving on. I’ve begun work at Electroimpact as a Controls Engineer. The company works on building the robots that manufacture the airplanes. This chapter has untold adventures to all the places I’ll go. Will I succeed? What could possibly happen? Stay tuned

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