Lights Please 2 : Automating Phillips Hue Lights

If you look at a previous work I did here I tried to get lights to reference the forecast and wake me up with the lights that reference that. The code was done in a batch script and in general wasn’t very good… so I revisited it to make it better

The idea:

Have lights that turn on when my alarm does and correspond to the weather that day

Similar to before, I have a script that turns on the lights to that days weather using Task Manager. However this time its written in python 2.7 and distinctly tells you the weather patterns for the day

Now I use the OpenWeatherMap results to determine what the weather is. That comes back as a unique 3 digit code, which I reference against in this excel spreadsheet:


Then I color the lights according to that!



  • The excel sheet uses a macro to fill the light cells making it easier to set up schemes
  • Triple blue means rain
  • Red means freak out
  • There are like 8 distinctions for thunderstorm which is crazy

Link to github


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