The Swiftney Game: Android Edition

I’ve been trying to learn more about programming… since the best way for me to learn is by having a goal I decided to make an Android app. Specifically one that I was familiar with and really like — the legendary “Swiftney Game“. I’ve made it before in Javascript and HTML before so I’m familiar with the logic and some of the challenges but that it still was pretty challenging


The UI

Get the game here

Source code (what is the best way to host this? Does Android Studio have some Git extension or something?)

Future plans:

  • comment / robustify my code
  • fix crash that occurs if syntax into calculator isn’t perfect
  • add an example to splash page — maybe a tutorial thing
  • have red “you made a mistake” and green “nice job” fade in
  • add a score saving feature. report median solving time
    • maybe some global high scores stuff? depends on how hard it is
    • maybe like a “set of the day”. everyone is given the same puzzle (or set of puzzles) and the high score is for the sum of those times. kinda like that idea

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