Light Controller using MIDI Keyboard

So I’ve had this midi keyboard in my room for like months with the intention of learning to play. That has gained minimal momentum so I instead decided to harness it for the Hue Lights I have.

This scope of this was to get a functional controller for my lights using the keyboard. The results are (in my mind) pretty cool. Here is a video demo:



Modify H/S/V using wheels, globally or individually

Change color of all lights via keys

Turn lights on/off


This was all written in python 2.7. I used PyGame to pull MIDI inputs and Phue to write out HSV data. All code can be found here — expect the code to get much cleaner in the future.


3 thoughts on “Light Controller using MIDI Keyboard

  1. haha this is awesome, i just got the hue lights and made it work with the home assistant, next step is to add the piano to the picture, thanks for implementation ideas!

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