Infinite Monkey Chess: Part III

The premise is back for it’s grand finale.

To catch up you up: I came up with a premise of monkeys playing random moves against eachother. I posted my data and then someone replied that it may have been wrong. S/he made some good points about my small sample size and how odd the data seemed. Then as I began to drill into his/her data the user vanished. This prompted further researched the problem and eventually I redid it in Python to let me get the right data.


As always, this new build wasn’t done alone. I used a framework done before, this time from users Winther and Hooked. Check out the whole post, its really great. Finally this was all done using the rad PythonChess module. Finally the above visualization was done by chessboard.js. Its pretty zen No longer is view-able — sorry!

But you worked on it too, right?

A bit. I tweaked some things to make it run-able in Python 3.4.3 and made the program output the data I wanted outright. Since I have learned more about chess now I am implementing the 2014 rules —
after 75 moves or a five move repetition the game is drawn. (click to read actual rule)
This implies that the monkeys don’t draw after fifty or three (which they could). The updated Python code can be found here. Furthermore I pushed the data into MATLAB where I turned it into digestible data. That program can be found here.

So… data

Right. The advantage to this Pythonal method is that it can run many more trials. Therefore after 10,000 games played the results are:


Comparing to the last two tests we get the following:


Every adventure requires a final step

I think this is the end of the thought experiment. I was able to solve the initial problem of the data being wrong and figure out what this mystery user’s “Repetition” category was (it should have been Forced draw by 75 moves).

With that I think this question is relatively well-explored


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