20XX UW 1.10

20XX UW V1.10


— 1.10? That means this is adding onto something? —

Yeah — this is the next (and probably final) installment of the UW flavor of the 20XX hack pack for Super Smash Bros Melee. If that made no sense then check out the previous post.

— What is new then? —

Some effect and animation edits and swaps. This was made available by taking away the “feature” of PAL characters. Now, instead of having the PAL character changes the characters are NTSC (what those in North America are used to) and have some cool non-intrusive tweaks. Those are:


Falco and Fox get purple lasers


Falco and Fox get gold illusion outlines


Marth’s Sword outline is a purple to gold gradient


Sheik’s taunt is now a handstand, her upthrow

——– Yo, I want one ——–

Like last time the replacement files (in their entirety) can be found here. Furthermore I am going to burn a few to CD’s so I should have those


10 thoughts on “20XX UW 1.10

  1. Can’t get these to work for some reason. White Falcon turns into the power ranger and the port shields say 1.1, but lasers, illusions, marth’s sword outline, and sheiks taunt all stay the same. Any suggestions?

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