GameCube Controller Dashboard V2.0

A bit ago I showed off the data logging software that I made for the Gamecube and info you can get from it while playing Melee. This is the second part which adds a GUI and an APM counter while preserving the original functionality


Okay, what is it doing?

Its taking the data and again through NintendoSpy’s keybindings. Then the hard button presses (everything except control stick, c-stick and soft L/R) are reported. These buttons are shown as APM in two second intervals. It was all done in MATLAB where it logs the keystrokes and then runs a graphing program every two seconds to update the graph. All the code can be found here (main, APMtimer). They will be reuploaded to GitHub because its 2015 and thatch where things should be


The result of a wobbles combo

Whats next?

  • Try to get control / c-stick data. This would push the data from novel to helpful
  • Potentially port this to a better language. MATLAB really wasn’t meant to do this
  • Finish non-Smash related projects while graduating and transitioning into real life or something


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