20XX UW v1.00

20XX UW V1.00


— 20XX? UW? v1.00? What is this kid doing? —

This is a SSBM (Super Smash Bros Melee) forking of the 20XX Hack Pack, which gives additional features for people who wanted them from a game people play regularly even though that hasn’t been patched in 13 years. This is a purely cosmetic hack. It gives some personality to the game specifically for the UW Smash Club participants (or dawg fans).

— So what is in it? —

UW Fox (replaces C9)


UW Falco 2.0 (replaces blue alt)


UW Pokemon Stadium


UW Pokemon “Husky Stadium”


UW Closed Controller Port Shields


— Alright, I’m sold, how do I get it? —

Here is the zip to the replacement files. Use a similar process to that in which you did to convert you SSBM iso to 20XX, just now you are converting your 20XX iso to this 20XX UW fork. I find it to be really easy using GC-Tool Alternatively just find me at club and I’ll throw it to you all packed on a USB.

— But, like, how’d you do this? —

There are a bunch of people who are good at this that will help you at the “Melee Workshop” section of Smashboards. I personally used Photoshop, GIMP, HxD, Dolphin, Melee Toolkit, DAT Texture Wizard, GC-Tool and MATLAB to do this. All these tools are from personal preference though, you really have to get into it and see what you need to do what you want

— So what is next? —

As of now I still enjoy working on these kinds of things. Here are things that I could see myself making

  • Updated “What is 20XX” text on start screen
  • Change costume backgrounds for UW Fox/Falco
  • Change text of “No Texture Pokemon Stadium” to “Husky Stadium”
  • Make some of the buildings in the background of Pokemon Stadium Seattle related (basically just add the Space Needle)
  • Make the underside of dreamland an inverted level with it’s own blastzones that p3 and p4 can use

4 thoughts on “20XX UW v1.00

  1. While making the bottom of Dream Land its own stage for P3 and P4 is a really cool idea, wouldn’t it be really awkward because the camera would have to zoom out really far to keep everyone in frame? Unless the bottom had some janky, super low blastzone kinda thing, I don’t know how you’d avoid that. That said, amazing work with all this, definitely highly appreciated.

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  3. Hey, I’m starting to get into melee texture hacking too (Just founded my high schools smash club :D) and I have my high school’s logo on PS but I am having problems changing the no transformations PS floor color. how did you do it?

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