Infinite Monkey Chess Part II

“Two monkeys sit across from each other at a chess table. Both make completely random yet legal moves for eternity. Who wins? How often?”. Well those monkeys are back, and they have been busy


Thanks to /u/thisisausername he was able to use the chess engine that he has had a hand in developing that doesn’t run on with a graphical interface and more lightweight, therefore runs MUCH faster. He was able to run 1,000,000 tests compared to my mere 500. That being said his data is pretty significantly different than mine. Here is a breakdown of how his sample turned out:



There are a few of differences to unpack here.

  • The data is different. White doesn’t have a huge edge like it did in mine which seems to make sense. But are the differences systematic or random?
  • There is a new category, “repetition”: to denote that the same move was played by both players 3 times in a row. For comparison’s sake it would be better if it wasn’t there but as of now there is nothing I can do

The next step may be running another sample using my methodology to see if more trials gets ours to match up better and hopefully getting him to run trials without the “repetition” option. Stay tuned I guess


Edit: Here someone did further analysis and provides his code. A good place to see that my initial data is incorrect


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